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July 15, 2013



I've noticed you forget to realise the MOTHER's fault in this as well. She allowed Jason to access his son's life, disregarding any agreement made previously, and encouraged a bond to be made. That is when he cannot be merely entitled a 'sperm donor'. Any man can give sperm to make a baby, but when a bond is established and emotions are constructed between both father and son, that's when they become a father. In my opinion, this shouldn't be about rights, this should be for the welfare of a child who has connected emotionally and mentally with the physical presence of his father. I think there is enough evidence that Jason was around in his son's life, look up pictures. Just for the record, Danielle was invited to come onto the show, but she declined. So, you can't just say Katie is promoting only Jason, she fairly discussed both sides and offered Danielle to come onto the show.

Robyn Cooper Henning

Good for you NOW for turning this very personal issue in to your own political platform. Any agreement that may or may not have been written was quite clearly broken when Jason became a father in the truest sense of the word, loving and caring for his little boy. This is about what is best for Gus and that is to have two loving parents. While there are political issues surrounding SB115 in many situations this is not one of them. You just used this as your own agenda as you accuse Jason of doing.

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