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April 09, 2010



It's not offensive.

A.) It's not like someone asked them to kiss it was the girl's idea

B.) They didn't kiss

C.) It's a very effective commercial and jack saying that it was the worst commercial he'd ever been in is a jab at other outrageous commercials that actually do all those stupid things on your list. (which btw you can't continue "breaking down") Jack in the box isn't belittling women's issues they're poking fun at the company's who rely on such tacky methods of advertising.

D.) Stop being such an ass hole.

E.) No, seriously stop being such an ass hole.

Ryan Peterson


#1. There's no difference if they actually kissed, it was the girl's idea, or whatever....the point is that it's suggesting lesbianism and it's on national TV.

#2. JITB isn't "poking fun" at anyone...they're using the crude, shallow tactics themselves in an effort to fit into the rest of sex-crazed America...therefore hopefully equalling more sales. There isn't even a hint of sarcasm in the commercial, which would've suggested that they were poking fun at other companies.

#3. You're showing us how much of a classless person you are with D and E. The author of this article did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve to be called any names. The article is dead on!

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