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March 29, 2010



Unfortunately, the myth of post-feminism was also fed by the media and politicians of different stripes during the past presidential election. Demeaning and misogynistic comments against both Hillary and Sarah Palin shamelessly took place without much of a public reaction.

As a women's organization, we should remain independent from political parties and politicians by speaking with our own voice, thinking critically at all times,and pushing elected representatives and presidents (whoever they may be)to pursue and accomplish goals that validate the rights of women. Politicians are not leaders of movements, we, the people, are.


If you look at our election coverage, you'll find that California NOW was adamant about speaking out against sexism directed at Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. We speak up for women against sexism regardless of whether we agree on political issues. Just as we have spoken up against the sexism that was directed at Carrie Prejean, even as we also decried her views on Marriage Equality.

We are always pushing for progress for women and girls at every level of society, which means supporting progressive politicians (women & men), progressive legislation, and progressive policies in employment, education, and other areas of life.

While we recognize that many of the necessary changes of society towards justice take place incrementally, we believe in working towards our ultimate goal of a fair and equitable society in that process.


Thank you for your feedback. In reviewing my comment I realized how it may be interpreted as a subtle criticism of NOW for not having spoken up enough against sexism during the past election. But that is not what I meant. My criticism was focused on the use of the "post-feminism" mantra by not only conservative but also self-described progressive politicians.

As a member of NOW, I agree with its philosophy and all the goals as described in your comment. However, I disagree on the need to support, or much less endorse, politicians unless they have consistently shown by their actions a commitment to push for progresive policies that advance the cause of equality for women and other oppressed groups.

Thank you again for the opportunity to express my views.

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