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February 23, 2010


Melissa Grant

Do you have a summary of the how the proposed ballot initiative would expand the definition trafficking?

I support the move to remove all criminal penalties against those who are trafficked -- be that domestic labor, agricultural labor, garment labor, or sexual labor -- but I am hesitant to further involve law enforcement in efforts to protect people from abuse. Would this law center the leadership of community-based organizations, or would it be an instrument for police to perform raids?


The full text is available as part of the download with the signature collection packet. The full text is six pages long, so we cannot include it all here.

It would expand the definition of trafficking to include violating a person's liberty with intent to distribute obscene material, and taking travel documents to restrict a victim's movement. As we read it, it does not expand the police right to perform raids, but does insist that confiscated property from raids be used for victims' benefit, and that a trafficked person's participation in an illegal sexual activity cannot be used to prosecute them.

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