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October 29, 2009



I am disgusted (not only with the men involved in this crime), but with the Richmond High School staff and superintendent! They have shown no compassion for this poor girl attacked by 10 men and boys (cheered and photographed by 10 others). Sup. Marin Trujillo said "the dance itself was a successful event"... other officials said this is an isolated case, today the school is holding a rally with a teacher named Lorna McClellen announcing we are not a school of criminals, and a student getting on the microphone announcing we are the future leaders..... still no empathy or compassion for the girl who was raped on school grounds during an event, for 2 1/2 hours. There have been no firings, for complacent Asst. VP and security guards not questioning men sitting around near dance entrance on school property, no patrolling the school, no one is fired. I would like to see NOW partner with this school to arrange workshops on "what is at the root of violence against girls and women?"
This is a necessary opportunity for women's groups to arrange counseling in school about misogyny, sexual harrassment and rape. (1 in 4 girls and women are raped in their lifetime). Obviously the school is not going to instigate this... they are clearly going to move on, when still some of the suspects are still in the school.


Please see our other post on this horrific assault, here: http://www.canow.org/canoworg/2009/10/richmond-high-school-rape-case-shows-schools-need-zero-tolerance-on-sexual-harassment-assault.html

We are urging people to take action by contacting the school and attending the meeting at the school this Saturday, and we will continue working to get exactly the type of workshops and curriculum you mention into all of our high schools.

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