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June 03, 2009



The performers in question have responded on air by saying that they were just joking and everyone is too sensitive. Responsible corporate citizens have responded by dropping their sponsorship. These include: Sonic, Snapple, Chipotle, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, McDonalds, Verizon, AT& T, Nissan, and Carl's Jr.

Other sponsors have not dropped their sponsorship. They include:

The New Chrysler
State Farm Insurance
Albertsons (of Supervalu)
Jared (Jewelers)
Wells Fargo
Guitar Center
Red Bull
Sleep Train Mattress Centers
California Sun Centers
Harley Davidson
UC Davis Health Care System
Tava (a Pepsi beverage)
Pep Boys
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Home Depot

A boycott has more power than just giving attention to shock jocks. If no one is paying them to incite hatred, they'll probably stop.


June 6, 2009
I would love to see current updates of the list of advertisers still patronizing these hate mongers over the coming weeks. This, to avoid bothering those who have already responded to the boycott and pulled their ads.

Please note they carry the iTunes logo on the website for their podcast service, and perhaps Apple would wish to be informed of the boycott.

They are still at it, it seems.
While I am sure their national advertisers are important accounts, I have also written or emailed several of their local ad accounts as well. I would suggest the KRXQ website or live stream as a good source of the advertisers' identities. For example, while The New Chrysler is in the list above, local account Performance Chevrolet, is not. Think about that for just a moment. Our own tax dollars, as represented by the nation's investment in General Motors, is indirectly contributing to speech inciting violence against a minority.


GLAAD has been at the forefront on this campaign, doing some amazing work. the latest info is here: http://glaadblog.org/2009/06/07/update-krxq-radio-host-rob-williams-declares-failure/

It looks like they're finally admitting wrongdoing and will be making an official statement on Thursday.


Well, i don't think this will change anything. With all the energy you invested in putting this out for you "Soldiers" to go in a Hissy fit about.... I honestly can't support something that would challenge free speech cause someone got their feelings hurt.


Sorry, buddy, but "freedom of speech" first of all refers only to the issue of censorship by the government, and secondly, it does not mean freedom from consequences for saying hateful things.

Read this: http://www.amptoons.com/blog/archives/2009/06/09/freedom-of-speech-isnt-freedom-from-criticism-and-its-not-freedom-from-consequences/

before you respond again.

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