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October 30, 2007



Britney Spears is a victim? I don't think so! She lost custody because of her own actions. Actions that were witnessed by a court appointed parenting coach. And this parenting might be sexist, but that would be odd, because she's a woman by the name of Lisa Hacker. Yes, another woman gave her poor marks as a parent. And, she's a professional parenting coach.

I've heard so many stories of people who have been wronged by the courts, both males and females. If you're looking for a woman who has been wronged by the courts in a parenting case, Britney Spears is a very poor example. If anything, she's been given more second and third chances than most people get.


Yeah, I don't agree that Britney is much of an example for the injustice of family courts. I mean, there's pictures of the girl driving with her baby on her lap for god's sake.

But both issues are important. I went to a workshop on the Men's Rights and Wrongs movement at a National NOW Conference and was greatly educated. The family court system is indeed incredibly biased and corrupt. It really has me dismayed, a family friend is going through the family courts right now after seperating from an abusive husband and sees that her kids are slipping through her hands. What can we do?

The Britney case seems to me more of a warning of the trappings of fame.

Two different but important issues.

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